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Can i start pumping after only being on formula????

My baby is 2 weeks old and wish i tried bf more but gave up after a day. Now i regret it and was wondering if i could start pumping now and just give what i pump aswell as formula till i pump enough all the time? Is this possible or is it to late? I can still squeeze alot of milk out so assume all still working fine???? Hoping to save alot on formula!

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It is definitely sure someone will gibe you some great advice x

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It definitely can't hurt, you may as we'll give it a try. You might not get a lot at first but your supply should increase the more you pump, try pumping every three hours or as often as your baby eats. You might even be able to teach baby to latch if you want to try breastfeeding instead of pumping but you'd probably need help from a lactation consultant for that.

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You and baby are definately still in the zone where you could get baby to latch again or you could pump milk for LO. Pumping on top of feeding and caring for a child is very full on but it can be done! There is a sticky post at the top of this forum about exclusive pumping which will help you a lot.
If you are considering starting breastfeeding again, do lots of skin to skin, allow baby free access to your boobs, to grab them, sniff them lick them etc. and try to get a board certified lactation consultant to come and give you info and help. Organisations such as NCT and LLL have LCs that can come to your house for FREE. You can also call the national breastfeeding helpline to find out what is the best support in your area.

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