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Clogged ducts

I started on domperidone yesterday to boost my supply, but since then whilst I actually have milk I had a massive red, swollen, tender patch on one of my boobs. I can feel the several lumps there

I've been trying to rest that side (so no feedings) and only express from it because of a cracked, bleeding nipple but everything I've read about clogged ducts tells me to nurse from that side. So what do I do? Is it ok to just keep expressing from that side to give my nipple a break (I'm using shields, but my little man decided he would shake his head furiously and it ripped my nipple)

How else can I clear it?

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Mum (Mom)
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I take sunflower lecithin supplements and it helps tremendously, I had clogged ducts several times. Also massaging it in the shower helped

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It sounds like your LO has had some problems latching effectively. This can lower your supply. While you now have a bigger supply, if LO can't latch effectively then he won't be able to drink it and it does put you at risk of mastitis. Scroll down to the blue section on this link for practical tips on clearing it:

However at the same time I hope you are able to find support in improving LOs latch, I know it can be so tough so I'm sending hugs.

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