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Calling working momma's and 2nd time momma's

So I have two questions...

First question is for my 2nd time momma's. Last night when I took my bra off my boobs were so heavy, it was very painful, so then I felt them and it reminded me of when my breasts were full when I was breastfeeding DS. I don't remember having that feeling when I was pregnant with DS but maybe that was because I didn't have anything to compare it to Just wondering if any 2nd time moms had this feeling and what you did for relief. I thought maybe those gel packs they make for breastfeeding moms? Any thoughts? I don't want to have this "engorged" feeling for the next 18 weeks haha

Second question is for my working momma's. How many bottles did you buy? I stayed home with DS and I had a healthy stock of storage bottles but only kept a couple of his brand of bottles on hand as he only got 2-4 bottles a week. With this LO I am planning to return to work after 6-8 weeks and then she will be at daycare full days so I am unsure of how many bottles I should get as far as storage bottles and the bottles we will use. I don't want to go overboard but I also don't want to feel like all I do is clean bottles.

Thanks for your help ladies!!

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I have 4 medela bottles and 2 spectra bottles that came with my pump which I only use with the pump. Im back to work part time, im gone for 5 hours a day, and only 1 bottle gets used when Im gone. However, im not sure what you mean by storage bottles? I'm a little ahead with pumping so I store in freezer bags in 3 ounce increments. I take them down the night before and they are still partially frozen when I head out for work. I used to fill a bottle with what I pumped and leave in the fridge until I had enough to freeze until I got nervous about high lipase at one point (not even sure that's what happened but i threw away almost 12 ounces because it all smelt funny). Id say if your babe eats 2 meals at daycare, send 2 bottles. And then keep 2 home for whatever else. If you're storing milk in the fridge, just keep in mind the guidelines regarding storing. It only keeps in the fridge for 3-8 days. I try to freeze asap. Wasting breastmilk is so upsetting. And itll help get your stock started. I still feel like all im doing is cleaning bottles and pump parts. Steaming them after cleaning is a great idea too. My medela bottles seemed to have an odd smell to them so I started steaming more often in steam bags they sell.

Good luck!

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