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Help help help advice :(

Ok so as per my other post i got a electric pump avent one. I only bf a day the started formula and regret it. My babies 3 weeks old and now i want to try pump the milk instead. I still have milk. Tho very little i assume. On first pumping over 24 hours i got only bout 10mls total which im so gutted about and that was alot alot lot of puming over the 24 hours. Will it increase and if so when will it? The pump starts to get a few drops out each time then nothing i carry on for 5 mins. But when i take pump off i can still squeeze milk out but it won't pump out anymore. Am confused and sad only 24 hours in. Any advise?. Or os it to late?

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If you're pumping, 5 min is not enough. A pump takes longer than a baby to stimulate letdown. Usually women who pump do so for about 20 min. I have found with pumping that I can get a lot more in the mornings and it tapers down in the evenings...totally normal. Don't stress yourself out, your baby is only 3 weeks and doesn't require a whole lot of milk at one feeding because their tummies are still small. If you keep up with pumping on a regular basis, your body should begin to produce more. Maybe seek help from a lactation consultant if you can. They could help you reintroduce baby to your breast and help with latching if you wish.

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the pump is NOT an indication of how much milk you actually have! You also need a better pump than the one you have.

Call or attend a FREE La Leche League meeting or see if your insurance covers a Lactation Consultant. and this looks close to you?

It will take a few days to a week to see a increase in your supply.

You need to pump for about 15+min. Varies for each person.

It is NOT too late! There are adoptive parents who have NEVER been pregnant/nursed and can lactate with medicine/herbs!! You can do it with a 3wk old!

You can visit for their list of herbs and things to increase your supply and pumping advice. Oatmeal, Beer, Fenugreek, etc.

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You could get your milk supply up will take longer then 24hrs though like others have said. Try pumping for 15-20 minutes instead of you could hand express if you prefer? Try this maybe every 3 hours and don't despair if you only get little amounts it should increase over time.

Kellymom really helped me

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Also, try nipple stimulation to trigger a let down then start pumping after the let down begins. When I was going back to work after LO I had to rub nipples in circles and adjust pump settings or else I'd get nothing.

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As you are in the UK and baby is under 28 days old, you can get help from the infant feeding team at your local hospital (ask your HV if you cant find how to contact them) who may be able to provide you with a hospital grade pump. A lot of children's centres have pumps for hire, which may be better than the one you have. However if you are able to squeeze milk out but not pump it, you could try hand expressing instead. Pumps don't work for everyone. Some ladies manage to hand express loads of milk really quickly once their supply is back up.

LLL and NCT both have volunteers and lactation consultants who can come to your house for free and help you relatch and relactate.

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