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Nipple shield weaning!!!

Hey ladies.

Trying to wean my 3 week old off the nipple shields that we've been relying on since he was 2 days old. Now that I'm gaining confidence with this whole feeding thing I think we've learnt how to latch and I'm finding it hard to use in public so would like to be able to wean him off it.

I've tried taking it away but he won't latch without it and have tried going for half a feed with it and then sneakily removing it but he's aware that it's gone.. any tips to make it easier on both of us? He fusses and refuses to feed without it.

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The easiest time will be when he's most relaxed, so a dozy "I'm still mid waking up" timed feed might be a good start.

It may also help if the milk is right there without him needing to do much, so a pre-feed breast massage to stimulate letdown could help, and rubbing your nipple with milk may better associate the new smell and texture of your nipple with the milk he is used to.

Trying to get your nipples as erect and hard as possible may help too as this will be a more obvious target and more like the hard shape he is used to, so maybe a few shirtless feeds.

Of course it all depends on why you are using them as some babies really and truely can't latch without the shield.

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Try starting with the shield, get the milk flowing and then quickly remove the shield and put baby back to the breast. That's what I did and it worked great. Good luck!

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Dont give up, it will happen. I had to wean both my oldest is girls. Just kept trying. When i wasnt rushed, and they werent hungry. So mid feed when they were starting to doze off lol. They finally just give it, almost like, fine lol!
They might also feed without it one feed then you are back to square one the next time. But just keep trying.

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