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Weaning tips please!

Hi there,
I need to wean my almost 12-month-old, because I have another one due in two months, and I'm not nursing two at a time.

He get milk four times a day (morning, before his two naps, and before bed).

Any tips at all would help.

I'm not ready, but need to do this

My first son weaned himself at 13 months, when I was three months pregnant. I cried for a week.

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I'd start by phasing out the feeds during the day. Go a few days with just the morning and evening, offering milk/formula during the day instead. Then phase out the morning feed.

The evening one was the hardest one for me to drop because i always nursed my babies to sleep. I just stopped offering at night, but my baby would still ask "boob? boob?" so i'd let her nurse for a minute or so then pull her off and make her take a binky. eventually she stopped asking.

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