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Returning fertility and breastfeeding

DH and I would like to start trying for our second baby together. However, my cycles still haven't returned since having DS in August. I breastfeed him with a rare bottle of formula (maybe 4oz a week) and he gets one meal of solid foods most days. We're working on 2 solid meals a day, but DS hasn't been feeling well so he hasn't been eating solids at all the past week.

I don't want to stop breastfeeding until DS is at least a year. He is thriving and I love that bond we have. But I would really like to start TTC again. Is there any way I can still breastfeed DS and encourage my cycles to return?

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Hi There! From everything I read, cutting out nighttime feeding can help encourage cycles to return. My cycles came back irregularly around 4 months with dd1, but I was not able to get pregnant until I weened her at 14 months (literally got pregnant the cycle i was weaning)But I also never tried opks to see when /if I was ovulating, so maybe that would have made a difference?

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