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Sleepy baby, mild jaundice

Good evening ladies

LO was born on Sunday and starting BFing straight away! All good! Yesterday and today, he's been really sleepy and not interesting in feeding. He is feeding but not much or often. Got a mild result for jaundice this morning so was advised to feed at least every 3h and wake him if necessary. I did this at 3pm but, while he was awake, he was not interesting in feeding. Managed to get some in the next hour but still not loads. I tried taking his clothes off and other tricks to keep him awake but he just fell back to sleep. I'll see the midwife again tmro but wondered if anyone had and advice or suggestions?

Thanks 💗

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If you can stay awake yourself, I'd probably just keep him without clothes and on your chest skin to skin all day. My baby wasn't jaundiced but we were given a 2hrly feeding schedule! It was rough as sometimes it took 2hrs to get her interested and latched on. I feel now that if I'd kept her closer to me she would have smelled me and had more instinctive feeding reflexes. When they are away from us in warm Moses baskets their instincts to feed regularly can be dampened.

The other thing is to remember to keep your milk flowing. If LO will not latch and it has been 2-3hrs since last feed, hand express and give LO a feed from a spoon or syringe. It may only be tiny amounts and that's fine as long as it's regular. This will help LO become less sleepy by getting rid of the jaundice.

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