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Baby spitting up a lot.

Hey gals!

So, my little man is now 5 1/2 weeks old. He was born at 35w5d. He's strictly breastfed. Lately, he's spitting up very frequently. Multiple times after every feed. From immediately after to an hour or more after. With my other son, I never experienced this. I mentioned it to my pediatrician who told me it's normal. However, I feel like he's doing it a lot. I know it's reflux, but there has to be something they can do for him.. medication, something? I feel like the pediatrician isn't understanding how much it actually occurs. Not to mention feeling terrible for my little man.
Anyone have any ideas or experience with this?
Thank you in advance!

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You can try reducing your dairy intake of even foods that cause gas. Also ask the pediatrician why (s)he thinks meds are not needed so you can understand and possibly make him/her understand why you think baby needs it.

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Both my babies done this. It was exhausting and tiring because they'd vomit huge amounts of their feeds and be hungry again! Both were diagnosed with reflux and prescribed infant gaviscon. I remember it helped my second with the vomiting.

It's definitely hard. Hope it gets easier x

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my baby had reflux and he got so bad he would cry in the middle of a feeding, and i am talking CRYING hysterically

the doctor put him on Prilosec and it seemed to be working. but he still was spiting up a lot but at least the crying stopped. the real difference made by baby magic tea and now his symptoms almost vanish!!!

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