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Hey everyone.

So after a hard birth and recovery we gave our dd formula. I thought i was fine with this but once we got home 4days later i decided to try breastfeeding. Unfortunately because dd is used to the instant gratification of a bottle she would just latch n realese n so on.... it was painful!

Went to a breastfeeding support thing at my hospital and there she got me to pump. I was 9days post and shocked that i was getting milk out!

And very happy!!!

Dd tried latching after smelling the milk and my nipple being out from the pumping. Still no luck but she would try and i was very happy!!

Then dh said lets go buy a pump!!! So we did! I started trying to pump and in the morning would get an oz between both breasts. Yesterday i managed just over an oz over whole day.
I was starting to feel defeted.
I would give dd whatever i managed to pump at bedtime each night as seemed to satisfy her and then give formula after.
I read that porridge can help so as much as i dont like porridge yesterday i had some for lunch.

This morning.... i got just under 2oz after 20mins on each breast!!!

I am over the moon!!!

And...... dd latched for a good 2mins before getting frustrated enough to come off n ask for her bottle!!

Small successes but both have made me feel i can keep doing this and give my baby girl the best start!!! Now 12days post and after starting on day 9 my supply is slowly increasing!!!

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Good for you!

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Congrats and well done!! Keep at it because every little bit you can give her is so good for her. As she gets older she'll learn some patience with breastfeeding as she'll come to realize if she keeps going she's rewarded with milk! Good luck!

I'm struggling with supply issues myself, so I can empathize with you feeling defeated. I have to keep reminding myself I'm doing the best I can and giving my baby girl everything I have. I hope to eventually have her exclusively on breastmilk and no longer need formula.

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Well done, you're doing great!

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