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Baby wants breast but not milk.

My baby boy is 6 weeks old and breastfeeding has been going well. I do get some discomfort but no nipple trauma and it's tolerable.
The issue I am having is that baby uses my breast to comfort himself to sleep, which I don't mind at all, in fact I think it lovely. However he's currently in a growth spurt and so needs comfort more than ever. When he wants to suck and I let down, he gets upset because he doesn't want the milk. I have tried to give him a dummy for these occasions and when I need to sort out my 3 yr old for what ever reason. But he will not take it despite repeated attempts. He gags and just spits it out. Any advice? I hate seeing him upset when I know he just wants to suck to sleep. He's getting overtired and grumpy.

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He's 6weeks, it's all still new. You could have a forceful letdown. I'd call LA Leche League (FREE breastfeeding help). At 6weeks, they still nurse a lot.

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A laid back feeding position may stop let-down from flooding in to his mouth so quickly as gravity will be working against it. Over time, as your supply regulates it should get better on its own.

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