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4 days old, too late to introduce bfing?

My DS is 4 days old today and has been bottle fed since the hospital. I tried to bf for 4 straight hours after my elective c-section, however nothing, and I mean nothing, came out either breast (not even when trying to hand express). My poor baby was starving and the bottle helped.
He had a great latch though, despite my issues.

He ate 2oz every 3-4 hours and was brilliant from the get-go.

I did want to breastfeed and although slightly down in the hospital about it, I knew it was best to bottle feed as I had nothing to offer.

First day back home, bottle fed and he stuck to the hospital routine, absolute dream baby.

Yesterday my boobs exploded and I decided to attempt to bf at his 6pm bottle feed. He happily fed for 40 minutes and then fell asleep. He woke up an hour and a half later but wouldn't go for the boob and then only took 1oz of formula.
This then affected his 10pm and 2am feed. He became inconsolable and wouldn't latch at all, he ended up taking 2oz at 10, 2oz at 12 and 2oz at 2 before sleeping through until half 6. Both OH and I were frazzled, DS was upset and it was so completely unpleasant.

When he woke this morning he fed for 40 minutes with a great latch, nodded off and only woke up at half 10 (a good 2.5-3 hour sleep).
We then decided to bath him, change him and then I settled down to feed. He fed for over an hour from one breast before coming off, he still had his hungry cues so I tried the other breast as he refused to relatch to the original. 20 minutes later he still hadn't latched and was becoming increasingly agitated, so OH made a bottle and he happily took 1oz before sleeping.
By this point he had been up for almost 2.5 hours and finally seemed content.

Is it too late for me to try and replace bottles with breast?
Am I only going to manage one or two good bf feeds a day?
Am I doing him any harm in combination feeding just now?
Should I lose the bfing as he was content with the bottle, had a routine of sorts, and now I've put it out of whack?

I know breast is best, however I also know a happy mum is the most important thing as long as baby is being fed.
In the hospital I was tok overwhelmed to think properly but since being home I've almost been in tears from feeling like a failure over not breastfeeding (as I wanted to), to being accepting of our routine to being upset over breastfeeding again to being upset over feeling like I've confused and broken my baby with these mixed signals.

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First of all, you are not a failure if you decide to not breastfeed. Don't do that to yourself.

I think your very best bet is to contact a lactation consultant, who can help you learn more about breastfeeding after a c-section.

Until you get to see the LC, i'd continue offering the breast before the bottle, emptying the breast (if possible) before offering the other breast and then switching the breast you offer at the next feeding (if that made any sense). After the breast has been offered, don't let you or baby get frustrated - go ahead and offer the bottle.

Remember that when only getting breastmilk, baby will become hungry more often as breastmilk goes through their systems much quicker than formula does. It doesn't necessarily mean your supply is low.

Best of luck to you!

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I have replied to your other thread but I didn't mention that I'd also recommend seeking advice from a lactation consultant or joining a breastfeeding support group in person. I can't see where you live on my phone but I'm in the UK going to the group at my local children's centre was a godsend and set the ball rolling for our tongue tie snip. They also offer advice on techniques to help LO latch and can watch you feed and make assessments, it's also good for going and generally chatting to other Mums

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My circumstances were different, but I have been where you are! And it isn't a fun place to be. Please please try your hardest not to let it get you down when breastfeeding just isn't working and you have to give a bottle. I know first hand that's easier said than done, and sometimes you just have to let the tears flow.

Definitely seek help from a LC! They can help you out with latch and supply issues, check for tongue and lip ties, and offer all sorts of other help. I'd see if your insurance covers visits with a LC or reach out to LLL, which is free.

You can do this if it's important to you! It may take some time, but with some work and plenty of support, you can do this! It's definitely not too late, you can provide more than just two breastfeeds per day, and whatever you're able to give him - even if you have to supplement with a bottle - is only going to do both of you good! Just remember that both of you are learning at the same time, so there are bound to be some moments it just isn't working.

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