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Cluster feeding woes

Hi ladies,

My little girl is EBF so far. It's mostly going well, at least from the latch/nipple pain perspective, but for the past week or so she will hardly let me put her down. And if she's awake, she needs to eat near constantly. I'm not overly concerned about my supply per se, her output and weight gain are both great, but I'd like to sleep and eat with more than one hand. (which sometimes is resulting in me skipping meals because I'm too busy breastfeeding) Plus I'm sure she isn't getting enough sleep, as she usually wakes up the minute I put her in her crib. (and I do try to give her a 1/2h to fall deeply asleep)

On top of this, she seems to have reflux as she spits up a ton, pops off my breast 3 times at the start of a meal, and occasionally screams into my boob. Also needs to suckle to sleep. Rocking seems to do nothing. Even feeding only works sometimes, in the evenings it's back and forth from boob to boob, and screaming if she doesn't get it right away. Sometimes from noon right to 10pm with a handful of 1/2h naps.

Any advice for a FTM? Tell me it's just the 3 week growth spurt and she'll settle soon?

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Hi first off your doing great ! It might just be the 3 week growth spurt it will pass. I found with my son that I needed someone else to hold him at that stage for awhile or he would just want my boobs. It allowed me to shower eat etc

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It sounds like a growth spurt. My daughter used to feed for hours and hours. It's good for your supply but I know how exhausting and draining it can be

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My daughter did the same thing. It's exhausting and frustrating, especially when they wake right after you've put them down, and especially when you're sleep-deprived! Have you started her on anything for the reflux issues? I started giving my daughter nat phos 6x after every feeding during the day and her reflux issues have resolved. You just dissolve a tablet in a tsp of water or breastmilk/formula. I just added a small amount of water to the nipple of a bottle, dropped the tablet in, and swirled until it dissolved. They taste slightly sweet and she doesn't mind them at all. I took 4 3 times a day as well and just let them dissolve under my tongue and that seemed to help, too. I started to get heartburn from eating certain things that weren't an issue for me before, and I haven't had a problem with that in a while now. I hope this helps, and I hope she settles soon!

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