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Advice please from ladies that expressed straight away

Hi ladies, I'm 30 weeks pregnant with my 2nd my first baby was born at 34 weeks 5day my plan all along was to breast feed him but with him been Born early he was tube fed and struggled to latch. I found it all a stressful Experience, I expressed for 6 weeks and he also had formula. This time I had it in my head that I was going to formula feed from day one, but maybe express too even if it's just a bit, my baby is due 30th Aug and my 4 year old boy due to start school the week aft! I need to be there for him too and at the beg we don't need to rush off we can stay with them until settled. So at the beginning I will have to leave baby with his daddy and my mum for the school run and staying as long as needed.So just wondering what to do for the best

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I haven't expressed from the start, so I don't have any personal experience with that, but any amount of breast milk you can give your baby is wonderful! I've heard exclusive pumping isn't easy (and neither is breastfeeding!), but if it's something you want for you and your baby, you can certainly do it! And if you're just going to pump whenever you get a chance with no pressure on yourself to feed only breast milk it shouldn't be stressful on you. Any little bit of mommy's milk baby gets is so great for them. If it proves too stressful or you decide you no longer want to express and just move completely to formula, there's nothing wrong with that either. Best of luck!

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