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Pregnancy and breastfeeding

I'm four weeks pregnant but I still nurse my 2.5 year old at night time.

It's really hurting at the moment but she's not ready to stop.

I nursed through most of my last pregnancy as well and that child was nearly 3 when she stopped.

How can I either make it hurt less or explain to my 2.5 year old that she's maybe getting too big for it? I've tried cups of milk and cuddles which worked for my last but this one is a 'boob monster'
Since Feb 2011 I have either been pregnant or breast feeding and I'm feeling it now

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No advice but I totally sympathize. I'm nursing my 2.5 year old and am 29 weeks pregnant. I've had soreness on and off as well as aversions too. I thought about weaning because of it, but then some days I feel fine so we are still trucking along.

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