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I don't really have any advice but I think there's a difference between your baby being left to cry it out all by themselves and crying while a parent perhaps futilely but lovingly tries to console them. Mommies and daddies just do things differently and she will realize it's okay if given the chance.

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I really wish I knew! I've somehow managed to day wean our 18 month old but I can't for the life of me night wean her.

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When I night weaned my son I read the book "sally weans from night nursing" to him a million times leading up to actually weaning which I really think helped him understand that night time was for sleeping and that we could nurse again when the sun came up. When it actually came time to say no to him at nighttime, he literally just rolled over and went back to sleep, no tears, no fuss. He continued to wake up and ask for awhile, but took it amazingly well when I said no. I'm sure night weaning doesn't go as smoothly for everyone but in our case it was pretty easy. I think I read that book for a few months prior to actually doing it. Jay Gordon has a very gentle night weaning plan as well, mostly geared for cosleeping families, which we kind of moderately followed when I transitioned him from nursing to sleep to cuddling to sleep. We still nurse, but only during the day now.

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