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UK mums, which bottle for breastfed baby?

Sorry for the long essay!
OK so baby is not here yet but I wanted some advice from other ladies.
With my first I breastfed for 6 weeks, then switched to formula and he accepted a bottle (a mam one) no problems. My second I exclusively breastfed for around 6 months then weaned onto bottle by 8 months. For the first 6 months though she outright refused bottles of expressed milk. I bought so many different brands with no joy! (tried mam, tommee tippee, medela calma and avent) So when I went back to work at 6 months it was a struggle as you can imagine!! 😁
With this one I plan to breastfeed again but I am going to try and give a bottle of expressed milk every other day or something like that from day 1 to try and eliminate that problem! I really don't want to cause nipple confusion though so was wondering which bottles you all use for the occasional feed? Thanks ladies!

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My daughter refused all bottles. I must have tried every one out there but she was having none of it! My son has always been fine with any, but took particularly well to the Lansinoh bottle that came with my breast pump

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