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12mo 2weeks...still breastfeeding

Hey ladies! Just want to say to those who are in the beginning stages of BF...YOU CAN DO THIS!

I told myself after my DD turns 1...I would cut her off cold yea right or so I thought

I will say I am no longer enslaved to the pump but my DD still nurses when she wants. The first week she would come from daycare and pull at my breasts. She still nurses in the morning and if she is having a bad night then too.

Did not think I would make this far but I have! I also still have my freezer stash left. I would say now maybe about 50+oz left.

DD doesnt want whole milk or almond milk bc she knows she can get mine but hopefully she will drink it when my stash is done.

Again for those moms still BF and its only been a few months KEEP PUSHING YOU GOT THIS!

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Well done on making it so far!

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