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I haven't gotten more goat's rue yet, but after that initial drop in supply when I ran out, my supply has continued to increase! For the first time I pumped 5.5 oz during my first pumping session! Maybe the goat's rue helped or maybe it's the combination of a better pump and DD's tongue tie being fixed or maybe it's the combination of the three, but regardless of the cause things are improving. I can't begin to say how happy this makes me!

Even if I never get to exclusively breastfeed this baby (now that she's on solids that's kind of not a thing anymore, but it would be nice to not need formula!), there may be hope for future babies! I'll be insistent next time around that they check thoroughly for all tongue and lip ties before we're discharged from the hospital so we don't have to do this again. And I'll probably take goat's rue from the start next time around and start pumping much earlier to make sure we get off to a good start.

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