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When to feed using expressed milk

Our little boy is 4.5 weeks currently. I know you shouldn't pump until after 6 weeks but we seem to have a latching problem with my right breast (for which I am seeing a lactation specialist on Friday) so he never empties it totally so I pump after a feed just to make sure it's empty so I don't develop a blocked duct etc my question is when can I start trying to feed him the expressed milk without causing nipple confusion? Would it be from 6 weeks since then it is considered safe to pump?Currently I am freezing the milk for future use. I would like dh to help by taking over 1 night feed but only when it is safe to do so. Do I use a bottle etc or is it not recommended?

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my babies all had bottles by 3 weeks and I have never had nipple confusion problems. I would say to wait on the night bottle though until 6 weeks.
My babies always liked the wide bottles that mimic the breast, get a variety because babies can be picky

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