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Damage from pumping

After 3 days I was exclusively pumping as my little one was too impatient at the breast and it was stressful for us both.
I have no idea if I have bad breast shape or was using the wrong pump for me or my size etc etc but it damaged me over time. Has anyone else experienced this? I had to stop because it was ripping at my skin and now I literally have what I can only describe as a 'friction' burn around the outside of my nipple, so now it is pale pink colour whereas the rest of my areola and nipple is brown! Anyone experienced this? Will it fix itself? Does it sound like the wrong pump or can a person just get damaged from pumps over time?


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Most people think that to get the best from their pump they need it on its highest suction setting, but really this can commonly cause damage due to friction, and some breasts respond better to lower suction anyway!

Also not all pumps offer different flange sizes and it is possible to be using one that is too small. This image gives a good guide:

Are you using nipple cream?

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Agreed I thought that more power meant more milk and that isn't true. My gyn says just leave it on the default and don't be shy about turning it down if it hurts. I also find having it lower increases my output because I'm much more likely to pump more often and go the full 20m instead of breaking down and quitting at 10-15.

Also agree with sizing, though mine was sized for me at the hospital and my nipples still hurt.

Are you putting anything on your nipples? I use the excess milk on mine after each pump and some lanolin stuff on it once or twice a day/more if needed

But yeah my nipples do not enjoy life lol

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I put a tiny bit of nipple cream on my flanges to kinda lube it up so I don't get friction pain. But don't use too much or it will suck your nipples and areola all the way in!

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I agree with the pp. I had damage from my pump when my lo went through a strike. I was using the wrong size flange. I ordered a size smaller than what was provided and it made a huge difference. I also used some cream b4 pumping to avoid friction pain.

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I'm unfortunately faced with exclusive pumping yet again. I started using this pumping lubricant last week or the week before, and it definitely helps some.

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