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Brilliant news that you got him latched on! Will definitely help him latch and feed easier if you express a little off first (i found hand expressing easier!) Hopefully each time he will feed a little longer...will no doubt take a bit of perseverence, but good on you, youre doing an ace job.

Not quite the same but with ny youngest, she suddenly stopped feeding at 7 weeks. Would scream and cry any time i tried getting the breast near her. It went on for days. She wouldnt take expressed milk from a bottle either.i had to feed her milk through a medicine syringe whilst keep trying her at the breast inbetween which she would occasionally take, usually through the night. Id express too, to keep my supply up. So i understand its hard work and tiring and disheartening. But after a few days she suddenly started feeding again like nothing had happened. Shes 1 next month and still going strong and im so glad i didnt throw the towel in, in those difficult days.
Thanks! Yes it is hard, a couple of days feels like a couple of weeks at this stage! I'm happy he's just getting some breast milk into him but the aim is to get him on the breast full time. The breastfeeding group I mention earlier has NCT volunteers there so I'm hoping once I get there I'll get some good support. Thanks again xxx
Great that you have found a support group. Depending on who they have volunteering it still might be worth asking for someone experienced to do a home visit. the groups often have volunteer peer supporters who are great for reassurance, hints and tips, working out whats normal or note etc. but those who do home visits are either breastfeeding counsellors or lactation consultants so they have a little more training for when things aren't going so well. In your home you have the advantage of being able to practice laid back feeding, strip off for skin to skin, grab pillows to prop yourself up, use a washcloth to roll under your boob to life the nipple etc. all things that aren't as easy when you are in a support group setting.
Thank you! That does make sense, I will certainly ask.xx

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