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Breastfeeding and periods

Has anyone had their periods return like normal with their usual cycle length during breastfeeding and then find their cycles become irregular and longer whilst still breastfeeding?

I hope that made sense lol? My periods returned at 11 months pp. They came every 28 days like normal for 5 months but last month it was more than a week late which is unusual for me and again this cycle no AF so far.

I'm still breastfeeding my 17 month old and he still wakes a lot during the night? Not sure if that's suddenly changed my cycle length :/

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I have never had it regulate and then unregulated like that. But I have also never been able to make it to a year BFfing. (8 months is my best! LOL)

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Hormones are a mystery though. My periods changed suddenly 6months after stopping breastfeeding and stayed odd for 6months (I had swabs and bloods taken and all showed nothing wrong) then went back to normal....

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My period returned at 6 weeks and have been every 4-6 weeks ever since. They are very irregular. Some months i will be every 4 weeks and then it will jump to a 6 week cycle then back down etc. Dont know how normal that is though

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