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Originally Posted by noon_child View Post
Think all the info about fenugreek etc is great IF you find you have low supply but bear in mind that oversupply can also cause lots of breastfeeding problems and be very stressfull - you dont want to set yourself up for that if you dont have to (especially as I have heard of PCOS causing oversupply as well as undersupply).
I agree with this, wait and see if you have supply issues before you start supplementing. I've had oversupply with both babies and it has made breastfeeding difficult and frustrating for both me and my babies until they are 4 or 5 months old. It's great to know what you can take or supplement with in the event of low supply, but wait and cross that bridge if/when you get there. Good luck!

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I've heard it go both ways. I also have pcos. My midwife put me on Metformin while trying to get pregnant, kept me on it during pregnancy, and is now suggesting i stay on it to help with milk supply. I have no way of knowing whether it is helping unless i stop, which i am considering at the 6 month mark when I'll hopefully begin introducing solids (planning on baby led weaning).

I don't plan on being on Metformin when we go to have our second kiddo. I don't particularly like the idea of putting chemicals into my body let alone my daughter. But I'm also too chicken to stop it since she is a fussy eater to begin with and i don't want the added stress of undersupply by stopping.

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