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WTF, Breastfeeding Didnít Help Me Lose Weight

Here's the thing about all that advice to use breastfeeding to lose the baby weight: It's bullsh*t.

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I lost weight with breastfeeding my babies. About the 3rd month the pounds started falling off. In fact, with baby #1, at 11 months the Dr told me I either needed to start eating twice as much or stop nursing because I was going towards underweight. I imagine maybe it doesn't work for everyone, and it totally depends on a lot of factors (genetics, diet, activity level, pre pregnancy weight, etc) but I disagree with saying it's total BS.

However I totally love what she said about separating breastfeeding from weightloss. It really is sad how our society thinks women should magically be back to their old body type in 6 weeks. But I blame celebrities and so called "fitness models" for that. With plastic surgery, Photoshop, and airbrushing to make these women look as though they are already back to a size 2, it really makes for a false reality. Those first 6 weeks should be about healing and bonding with your baby....not tormenting yourself over weight loss

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I actually gained weight with my first rather than losing it! Bf makes me so hungry. I did eventually get to my goal weight but it was hard work.

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I struggled to lose weight after my first pregnancy despite living a very active lifestyle and exclusively breastfeeding. Some people's bodies hold onto the fat while breastfeeding because their body wants to make sure they have enough fat reserves to make milk. My sisters had the same experience while nursing, and as soon as their babies stopped nursing that was when the weight fell off them. I was 4 months pregnant with my second when my first stopped breastfeeding so I never got that break to allow my body to shed the weight. I am losing the weight more quickly after my second pregnancy, but I don't think it has as much to do with breastfeeding as much as I just don't have as much time to eat now that I have two little ones to look after!

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I think I'm also holding on to some sort of reserve whilst feeding. My aunt stopped breastfeeding at the start of the summer and the last bit of weight just fell off

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Your body doesn't hold onto fat, that is a myth. It requires energy to function etc and if you eat more than you require, or eat to maintain, you won't lose weight.

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It depends, I have friends who have lost lots of weight, and others who have had the opposite. I lost a lot the first few days in hospital (emergency c-section, lots of panic, constant pumping and a baby that wouldn't feed) but the last few pounds have stuck on. LO is feeding a couple of times a day again (after to dropping to pre-bath and naps when at home) and the weight is back on again

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It's been different for me with all 3 babies.

DS1 I gained 25 lbs during pregnancy and was at my prepregnancy weight literally the day I left the hospital and maintained that weight while breastfeeding for a year.

DS2 I gained 30 lbs during pregnancy and was at my prepregnancy weight at 8 weeks PP and by the time I was weaning at 14 months, I was up 5 pounds.

DD I gained 40 lbs. I reached my prepregnancy weight 3 months postpartum. Now at 5 months postpartum I'm actually 10 lbs below my prepregnancy weight (and I'm pretty small to begin with - at 125 lb, 5 ft 8 inches tall) and am struggling to find time to eat extra. I think that chasing after my two boys (now 4 and 2 years old) ontop of exclusive breastfeeding is just burning the calories.

All 3 experiences were different for me

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I absolutely didnít lose weight while breastfeeding. Without changing anything, once I stopped breastfeeding I dropped the last 10lbs within a couple months.

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