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How long of a stretch should I go between nursing?

Just out of curiosity. My 3 week old will go, usually, between 2-3 hours between nursing sessions. Occasionally I'm lucky to get a 4 hour stretch at nighttime.

At what point did your LO's go longer between nursing sessions? Not trying to rush things... I never set a timer or look at the clock. This first time momma is just looking forward to some more sleep!

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I think we were every 3.5 hrs at night till my LO was about 7months when she started doing a longer stretch at the beginning of the night - didn't mean she always sleep through this bit though - developmental stages caused her to wake at times far more frequently but she just didn't need a feed!! During the day at round 3 months old she'd often go 4hrs between first feed and second feed but then bunch them closer together in the afternoon. Thing is, you hear about babies that sleep through from 6 weeks - every baby is different.

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12 months old and she goes 4 hours during the day and nurses more or less constantly during the night.
I think youre baby is doing amazing if youre occasionally getting 4hours! 😄

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2 and a half years and still feeding night and day x

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