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When you have to combifeed, which bottle do you prefer?

This is baby #4 for me. So i know what I dont like and have found few things that I do when it comes to combifeeding. Due to breast hypoplasia, I am forced to either combi feed or totally formula feed. Fortunatly, throughout my years of mothering and having different babies and supplementing/combifeeding/nursing/formulafeeding/pumping, I was able to combi feed and continue nursing more with each baby. Throughout that process i learned a lot about breastfeeding and formula feeding, especially babies developing nipple preference, which i firmly would like to avoid but it can be a struggle with chronic low milk supply (so lower milk volume from my breast) and then contending with a bottle that milk flow is faster. I have learned to pace feed. Ive tried nearly every bottle i could think of. I have even used a Supplemental Nursing system (two different types). And though it was okay using the tube with the boob, with this baby being my last and knowing the emotional pain i went through coping with the fact that I would never ever be able to exclusively breastfeed, I have come to accept this, finally on my fourth baby lol. I want to be happy this go around. I know ive given my all every time and i was soooo hard on myself. So with this being my last baby i just want to truly enjoy the experience, despite being forced to combi feed. I either want to be fully confident and happy about exclusively forumla feeding OR i want to enjoy combi feeding without the guilt and without the fight that using both boob and bottle can present. I just want to be calm, happy, and relaxed this time. So i am accepting of the situation but I am looking for one last ditch way to make this as smooth as possible for me. Sooo. I have been researching bottles. I dont want to spoon feed or using a nursing system this time. I want to take advantage of my undesirable situation and find the positive. One positive is that others can feed the baby too and another is that i still get the chance to breastfeed. So in looking for bottles, I know the rules that lacation professionals normally suggest, like wide nipple, very slow flow, and pace feeding. With having said that, I have found three bottles that may fit this description and i have watched several youtube videos but i wanted to hear first hand experiences from you ladies that have either combi fed in the past, for whatever reason, or plan to do so in the future. I am mostly interested in the bottle that will make going from breast to bottle to back to breast the easiest and most way to ensure nipple preference doesn't occur...


Mimijumi Bottle
Bare Bottle
ComoTomo Bottle

Which do you prefer and why? What was your experience like?

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