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Breast Pumps

Which are the best breast electric pumps available?

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I think this is very individual. Some women find more success with certain pumps vs other pumps. It's kind of like wearing shoes. A pair of shoes that are comfortable for me may give you blisters. Generally, the two brands I hear about most are Medela and Ameda. I have both but have never used the Ameda as it is second hand from a friend and that's generally not recommended.

Rule of thumb is that hospital grade pumps are the absolute best. You can rent hospital pumps most of the time from your local hospital.

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Medeka swing for us but it is personal choice!

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I HATED the electric pumps I used at the hospital but that was just my own opinion. I have Nuk's manual Jolie pump and I absolutely love it! Each to their own though of course. I found for me personally the manual pump was easier and more comfortable to use instead of the electric.

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