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Will a bottle of expressed milk once a week hurt milk supply?

As the title suggests...

I'd like to get a 5 hour stretch of sleep every so often. My DD nursed every 2 1/2 hours like clockwork. If DH gives her a bottle of expressed breast milk once a week and I miss a nursing session, will that mess with my milk supply?

I guess I'm concerned only because at night she can sleep for various stretches of time. Sometimes a 4 hour stretch, or a 3 hour stretch... sometimes 2.... so if she goes a 4 hour stretch 2 times a week and DH gives a bottle once a week......... I just want to make sure my milk supply won't be affected.

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I don't think it would as long as your supply is established, especially being only once a week. Just nurse her as soon as you wake up or pump if your worried.

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