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Increase supply?

It's been a tough 7 days. I had a cold all last week with terrible sleep deprivation. I traveled last weekend with my 3 month old on two 6 hour car rides and lots of holiday family events. I wasn't able to pump more than 2 times in 3 days. I get home and now my girl seemingly has no appetite. She won't take breast or bottle and when she does it's for 3-5 min every 3+ hours and multiple attempts. She doesn't appear to be sick and isn't really fussy like she is hungry. Just no appetite. I'm also pretty sure we've already gone through leap 3. Understandably, my milk supply has dropped by about 50%. A couple questions:
1) why might my girl suddenly lose her appetite?
2) how can i increase my supply, and quickly, when my girl doesn't want to nurse?

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I understand your situation. I've been there too.