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Running out of breast milk?

The first few days after the engorgement passed, I had milk aplenty. I was leaking it so bad that I was able to feed and express up to 3-4 oz of milk into a bottle several times a day.

A few nights ago DH started giving Jean-Luc formula at his 11 pm feeding at his 3 am feeding to give me a break from sore nipples and let me get a bit more sleep. Ever since then, I find that now my milk seems to have gotten a lot less. I feed Jean-Luc and it seems like he's hungry again 20 minutes later despite feeding him from both breasts. I try to express and can barely get 2 oz out.

Is this normal? Can breast milk dry up or can you suddenly develop a shortage? I don't know what to do, I don't want to go to just formula and I still get some milk but it's not running down my abdomen anymore.

Any suggestions? I feel like I'm failing as a mother because I can't fully satisfy my baby and am scared he'll go hungry.


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I'm not the most experienced... but its easy to worry at the point your milk regulates and you stop leaking like mad... but its very normal.

If you are giving formula at some feeds yor body will soon stop producing milk to cover that feed, and therefore you would be technically 'short' of milk to fulfill LOs needs over 24hrs - does that make sense?

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it's supply and demand hon', your body will readjust but you probably won't be as engorged and leak as at the beginning as your body tailors the amount of milk made to meet your babies demand. Be aware though that the more often you supplement, the less your body will supply. That doesn't mean that you can't raise supply again, but it can mean a day or so where it can feel like a growth spurt and baby might need to feed constantly.

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