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Breastfeeding in Abu Dhabi....

Hi, I'm off to Abu Dhabi in a few weeks with my ebf lo. Just wondered if anyone had any experience of bf in Abu Dhabi... are there nursing rooms in public places? Will a scarf suffice to cover up?

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Never nursed in a foreign country, but women all over the world are nursing their children so I’m sure you will be just fine. Try to find a private place and cover up, if someone says something to you , live and learn I guess.

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I think that breastfeeding is required by law in the UAE, it is considered a child's right to be breastfed for at least two years, so I imagine they must have some sort of infrastructure in place where women can breastfeed or public breastfeeding while covering with a scarf should suffice? Maybe google it to see what you can find?

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