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Nursing toddler question

My daughter is almost 19 months we are still nursing. I have never nursed this long before. If anybody has nursed this long or longer how often did your lo nurse? She seems to ask to nurse really frequently and still wakes 3 or so times a night. When she's awake I offer food and fluid which she will take but STILL ask to nurse afterwards. I'm not complaining per say just wondering if that's "normal".

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My 15 month old nurses several times a day still, and during the night. It's obviously a comfort thing for her now though rather thsn food but shes still getting nutrients so i dont mind too much, other than the nipping.
One of my others only nursed twice a day and sttn at this age so guess theyre all different

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I nursed my first until he was 23 months. Around this age he nursed maybe once through the day and the rest was at bedtime or 2-3 times through the night as well.
I chose to wean him at 23 months because he wasnt eating. He was nursing for comfort. I weaned out each night feed slowly over a month and he stopped waking so much through the night.

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My LO nursed at that age about 4 times in the day and between 1 and 3 times in the night. It's still useful nutrition but during the day it was also about chilling out, de-stressing and reconnecting. So it is like how I'll plonk down in front of the TV after going grocery shopping or having a rough day at work, and it's not because I'm desperate to see what's on I just want to switch off from everything else that was going on and just think about one thing/nothing.

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