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PP Periods while BFing

My period returned at 4 months PP and I am EBF

I've had 3 periods since and they seemed to be pretty normal. I'm on CD12 right now and bled on days 1-4. Yesterday on CD 11, full on bleeding started again. Today I bled through a super tampon in 2 hours! I called the doctor and she said to check for pregnancy. I told her this isn't possible because husband had a vasectomy and has been checked for 0 sperm count twice. She told me irregular and weird cycles are completely normal while BFing, but i'm not convinced.

This is baby #4 for me, and I've never had this weird bleeding before. Also, my periods have never come back before 6 months, so I'm pretty frustrated about it.

The doctors office was convinced its just wacko BF hormones that are causing all of this. Anyone had any experience like this? I need reassurance that i'm not dying :P

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Irregular and weird cycles ARE normal but this doesn't mean your doctor shouldn't also rule out other things. When my periods came back I had bleeding every two weeks for 6 months - but my doctor did swabs to check for infection, made sure my smear was up to date and offered me scans (looking for things like fybroids). It had settled down by the time they offered the scans so I didn't go ahead with them as all swabs etc were clear. This should be offered to you if things continue to be weird.

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