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Pumping and work...

With my oldest and the twins I wasn't working while I was breastfeeding, but this time I will be when baby is born.
I have no idea how to pump at work lol, or when.
I'm not sure what my hours are going to be right now, I have orientation Friday and then I'll get my schedule.
Any tips on pumping at work?

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I exclusively pump and latch my daughter seldomly but I don’t work. I suggest you pump every 3-4 hours while at work which is what I do at home. Ask your employer for a designated area where you could pump comfortably. If possible nurse on demand when you get home. Best of luck!

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I get one 45 minute break during the day. I pump before work, once during my break, and sometimes (if i don't pump enough during the day) after work. I see you live in the US, i don't know about NC - but where i live they passed a law saying a woman has a legal right to a private place and time to pump during the day if you're working. I'd just talk to your employer about it and see what you can figure out.

Get a good pump - my first pump took me 45 minutes to pump every day. I bought the new medela this time and can get it done in 15 minutes.

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