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Worried I'm on the route to early weaning off the breast

My DS is nearly 9 months old. In the next few weeks I have some courses that will require me to be away from him for an 8 hr day. A few weeks ago I stopped nursing him to sleep for naps and at bed time so that my husband will be able to put him down for naps when I'm gone for the day. It's gone well, I can just put him in his crib and he falls asleep on his own without boobs. The first few weeks I would nurse him when he woke up from his naps and that went well. But now he doesn't want to nurse at all when he wakes up, he just fights to sit up and play even if I stay in his room with the lights off and the noise machine on. He is such a good eater with his solids that he doesn't want to nurse much, if at all, between meals. So for the last week he has barely nursed at all during the day (but will still wake at least twice at night for a feed). Now I'm stressed out that I've pushed him to wean off the breast early. I want to nurse him until a year old at minimum. Do you think it's ok for him to only have just one nursing session during the day and two at night?? I don't want to go back to putting him to sleep on the breast, but I also don't want him to give up on the boob entirely! He drinks a small amount of water with meals (just a few sips from a cup), and otherwise he doesn't have liquids other than breastmilk. He has enough wet diapers during the day and his weight gain is great.

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My son did this at 10 months I had hoped to go to 2 years but it was frustrating him if I tried to feed him so I followed his lead and let him feed when he wanted to. He stopped a week before his 1st birthday.

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