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After 3 1/2 years, I知 1 day ost breastfeeding!

Yesterday was our first day of no more nursing for my 3 1/2 year old. She was down to one short bedtime nurse before bed since about Sept/OCT.

My DD set a goal of no more nursing on Easter. She said it, and we started a countdown.

Last night was hard and heartbreaking as after a day of family fun Isabelle was ready for bed and said 展ait, is it easter mommy?. When I said , yeah, she just just started sobbing, 的 changed my mind , I changed my mind, I want to drink a boob,I want to drink a boob.

Poor little peanut, I知 hoping she does better by the end of the week. I知 pregnant with #2 end of nursing lined up well.

I miss it as much as she does though .

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Aw poor thing. Chances are she will be fine about it in a few days but I'm sure it was hard for you both. If you decide to carry on nursing there is a sticky in the BFing section on BFing in pregnancy.

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