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Breast Pump

I can't decided whether or not I should use my old breast pump or not.

I've ended up with a 7 year gap between my 2 children (longer than we were hoping) so despite holding onto a lot of items to reuse, we're finding that we'll need to replace a lot of them due to the time gap.

Would you use a breast pump that is 7 years old or buy a new one?

It looks to be in good condition and has been stored in its original plastic storage box (sealed). I'd obviously give it a proper wash and a few sterilisations before using.

So what would you do?

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Mum (Mom)
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I can't think of any reason not to use it if it is still in good working order.

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It should be fine to use.

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I would use it if it still works fine

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Id try it (obviously when bubs is here and your milk is in) and if it's not great and needs replacing then do it then. No need to replace it it if it's working fine x

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You can also call your insurance, they should be able to cover a new breast pump at little to no cost to you! My Medela pump was free per my insurance! I use it daily as I am an exclusive pumper!

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