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Spectra breast pumps?

I am eligible for a new pump through my insurance and I cannot decide between the Spectra S2 (hospital grade) or the S9 (portable).

Anyone have any insight?

I used Ameda last time and did well, but the Spectra line has so many reviewers saying they love it more than Ameda or Medela, so I'm willing to give it a shot. I will be working 12 hour shifts when I go back to work, so a more efficient machine would be best.

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I was having the same issue, I went with the S2, I am really hoping it was the right decision. I will have more insight late Aug, but I have sisters and friends that swore by the S2. So that's why I went with it, plus all the great reviews that I read on multiple websites.

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Hi! Breast feeding is good enough but for breast pum I recommend using spectra breast pump. It is promising you won't regret buying it. it has a reasonable price and plus it is trusted by all mothers or first time mom's just like you. It has good reviews as a proof that it is that good!

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