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Breastfeeding early pregnancy

So I got a faint bfp this morning and Iíve noticed today and yesterday when dd is nursing I get this weird feeling in my breasts especially the nipples. Itís unpleasant and somewhere between an itching and pinching feeling. Have any others experienced something similar? Iíve read others talking about breastfeeding aversions during pregnancy. I really hope itís something I can tolerate until dd weans if itís going to continue happening.

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Early pregnancy I found breastfeeding unbearable, it literally made my skin crawl and I had to wean unfortunately. My LO was 15 months so the transition was quite easy.

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Congratulations! I managed to get to 6 months pregnant whilst bf (the only time ive been pregnant whilst bf) til id had enough.
I had wanted to tandem feed when new baby arrived but every time i fed the toddler i felt sick, sore nipples and one day i had the urge to just push her off me whilst feeding. It was nice in a way to have that 3 month break!
Id say just try and take it a day at a time and see how you get on x

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