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baby wont fall asleep unless latched to breast.

My son will be 1 month old tomorrow.

Today he has been up for 6 hours straight. He only wants to be latched to my breast to fall asleep. The second i lay him down he fusses an then all out cries. If i give him my pinkie he will be quiet and fall back asleep, or if i latch him and he sucks for comfort he will fall asleep. Nothing else works.

I would give him a pacifier, but i did that from day 1 and he got nipple confusion from it.

My boobs need a rest. Help what do i do!?

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Can you try a different brand of pacifier?

At 4 weeks old my LO would only fall asleep on his dad's chest, now he won't lay there for more than a minute or 2 without getting crabby. My point is, his pattern will most likely change soon anyway if you can ride it out a bit longer.

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My little girl was the same babe and I got matitiss
It was horrible cus I kept latching her onto to me to settle her, In the end I gave her a dummy but she's fine with it
I only give her the dummy about 4weeks but aslong as the baby is fully etasblished with breastfeeding they will be ok.
You cant keep putting the baby on your breast though babe cus if you end up with matitiss like me its horrible you'll be in so much pain and flu like symptons.
You might be fine though but thats whats happened to me.
Sometimes you need to try different dummys with the baby.
Peyton only gets the dummy at night time though so I have control over it helps settle her after her feeds works wonders

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If BF is now well established I'd give him a dummy. Some babys just like to suck anything.

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Try a dummy but don't set your heart on it working as Evie has one but still won't settle to sleep without 'the boob', if lo takes your pinky though you might be in luck x

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Dont worry about it the more your baby is on your nipple the better your supply will get also it is not a problem whatever people tell you for your lo to use you for comfort infact it is nice, he is only a month old and will likely grow out of it, my little one did this in the beginning and infact it is the only thing that calmed him when he got in a tizz, it shouldnt give you mastitus infact mastitus is cured by feeding more from the infected breast. Your lo just needs mummy comfort to sleep enjoy it while you can.

Trust me I stressed too in the beginning will it cause bad sleeping habits etc but tonight I put him down and he went to sleep on his own. Oh and for 6 weeks up until last week he fell asleep sucking my pinky, you are doing fine.

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I say just go with the flow! A month old, they are still getting used to the idea of being out of the womb. At two months or so my baby started taking the dummy. Now he is almost 4 months and can fall asleep with nothing. Each baby is different though

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