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How to Lose weight without affecting milk quality/supply?

As title goes, i obv want to lose a bit of weight and tone for the summer...i am actually smaller than pre preg but still would like to shift some weight

BUT i cant really diet can i, wont that affect my milk? ive started exercising alot but again this is obv burning calories...

sooooo yeah does anyone know how i can lose weight but without causing problems with BF?

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Mum (Mom)
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slimming world and weight watchers both offer plans for breastfeeding mothers

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I've just been to my first Weight watchers meeting today!

They have given me an information pack and a plan which is ok for BFing mums and a special leaflet for those BFing. You are not expected to lose weight at the same rate as when not BF; about 1lb a week instead of 2lb. It's important to keep drinking plenty too. It looks quite gentle and easy to follow.

After trying the WW diet for a few weeks on my own I thought I'd try a meeting to see if I am on the right tracks. It was pretty informative and I feel better knowing that I am following a proper plan for BFing instead of muddling through on my own. Hopefully will see some results....

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i started slimming world last week and i eat more now than when not dieting. they have breastfeeding plans too. xx

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