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3 month old breast feeding, how often?

How many times during the day does/did your around 3 month old LO feed, or if you were back at work how often did you pump if exclusively giving EBM during the day?
Just wondering really. I expect it will be slightly different for every baby (and I read that there may be a growth spurt around then ). I'll be going back to work when LO is around 3 months and I want to see about how many breaks I ought to expect to need for pumping (or is that a how long is a piece of string question as it would depend on how much I get out per session?). I hope by then I'll have an idea of how much to supply to the nursery.

I hope to start pumping regularly (any tips on when?) at least a month before I go back to work to make sure I have a frozen stash, and pumping on days off as well.

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we feed on demand - 5 - 6 minutes every 1.5 - 2 hours (sometimes if we're out and about it stretches to 3 hours)

good luck with the rest of your pregnancy get lots of rest!!!

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all babies are different so it is a bit of a hard Q to answer.
i would say, to keep your milk in demand you should pump off every few hours and do your frozen stash as you said.
i couldn't cope with expressing, it is alot harder than breastfeeding especially if you have a leaky breast pump like i did. cough... (whispers "avent")
my mate 'steph' did a really good job of it, but i just couldn't get the hang of it and ended up formula feeding through the day and breastfeeding first thing in the morning and in the evenings. xxx baby still was protected against colds etc and i still felt like i wasn't failing as a mother xxx

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Mine is on a routine (which we are flexible with is he/we require it).

He feeds at about 7am, 10am, 12.30pm, 4.30pm, 6.30pm and 8.45pm. He very rarely feeds during the night (one week in the past month).

His 7am feed is a ebm bottle and he takes in the region of 180/200ml at that feed. His other feeds vary in length: sometime just 10/15 minutes, sometimes a good 45 minutes (often depends how hard he is working...).


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My LO was feeding every 2-3 hours at 3 months. She started daycare at 9 weeks and while there she always has eaten 3 times in a day, at roughly 9, 12, and 3. Ideally you should pump at work the same number of times they eat while away from you, but my work schedule only permits 2 pumping sessions. So I pump once more 2 hrs after she goes to bed in the evening to get enough for her 3rd daytime feed. She was eating 4oz each feed from 9-12 weeks, and then from 12 weeks to now she is eating 5oz per feed at daycare. Feel free to PM me if you have any more questions!

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