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Baby is taking in too much air. what can I do?

My DD has started getting uncomfortable tummy pains and gas which are waking her up every hour through the night and I noticed that when she is feeding (especially in the beginning of each feed) she is gulping in a lot of air.

I am now trying to feed her in an upright position as much as possible and burping her frequently. this has helped and she is sleeping a little better but she is still suffering a little. Is there anything else I can try?

Can anyone recommend infacol or gripe water? I heard these should be directly mixed with EBM or formula but I am BFing and not expressing yet. Can I still give it before a feed and are either of them effective?

I googled and someone recommend changing to bottle feeding so I can control milk flow through the teet but we are doing so well on the BFing, I don't want to have to give it up if I can avoid it.


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how is she gulping in air? she will still do it bottlefeeding probably anyway, olivia has starting clucking while feeding but let her stay upright after feed and wind loads seems to be better, i also let her sleep on her tummy when its really bad but i have a apnea monitor so its safe

think infacol you can use for colic and wind and you can just drop it in mid feed or express small amont and feed that with the gripe water and do rest of feed on the breast x

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Get her latch checked because if she is latched properly she shouldn't be taking in too much air.

Infacol can be used from birth I think and I think you just use the dropper thing to put it in her mouth before a feed. I think gripe water is for slightly older babies (maybe a month old) not sure which one is best though.

It takes a few weeks for a baby to get used to how their body works and from what i have seen they make all sorts of strange noises when trying to get wind out until they learn how to do it effectively. Saying that my LO still likes to lift his legs up to his chest, let out a big fart then smile!

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