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Baby not satisfied after feed - please help

I feel really upset and exhausted and I hope someone can help.

I have been exclusively breastfeeding my son (nearly 7 weeks old) since birth.
For the last few days he doesn't seem satisfied after a feed and is nursing very often (yesterday he barely had 30 mins between feeds) and cries as if there is no milk for him.

My breasts also seem very soft. They only ever feel full if my son sleeps for 3-4 hours (which rarely happens).

I have also tried to express to see how much milk I'm producing (I realise this isn't a good indicator of supply) and can only ever get 1oz at a time. This is from both breasts over 25 minutes.

The best sleep my son ever had was last week when I fed him a bottle of expressed milk (5oz) which took several days for me to produce. He seemed so content and sleep for 6hrs straight.

I really want to continue breastfeeding, but what I want more is for my son to be happy and content with a full tummy.

Last night I was in tears and was very close to giving him a bottle of formula.

I'm exhausted feeding him so often and feel like I'm not truely enjoying and appreciating my baby because he doesn't seem content with my breastmilk.

Any suggestions?

My supply seemed fine most of the time up until the last couple of weeks. He hasn't been weighed recently (due to be weighed at a check-up in 1.5 weeks) but at birth he was 3.8kg and 2 weeks ago was 5.2kg, so he is putting on weight. He is still producing wet and dirty nappies, but I've noticed a slight decrease in the number since he's been fussy and unsatisfied.


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I could have written this myself and have just posted something very similar!!!

I know exactly how you feel.

I don't know the answers though unfortunately but just wanted you to know you are not alone.


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i think its probably a growth spurt hun stick with it there's times when my boobs feel almost empty but all the feeding and suckling will help to make more milk i know when lo has a growth spurt she's literally glued to the boob and wakes at night too as far as the nappies go as long as there wet and you do get dirty ones then i think thats fine hang in there hun it will soon pass your almost through the toughest days oh and there are things you can take to help milk supply i found that eating oats helps alot sometimes i have to limit as i seem to make more and i'm pretty sure it causes an even more forceful let down lol x

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It seems like your son is going through a growth spurt, which is normal at his age. they tend to take more food more regularly. although i did not breastfeed (not by choice) i remember being up a lot more when my daughter was this age, and its hard work. if you are really struggling with breastfeeding and not enjoying it, dont put yourself through it, he will not suffer as a result. but if you do want to keep going, feed your son as and when he wants it, and your body will start to produce more milk to meet the demand. hope it helps, and chin up, this phase wont last too long. xx

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Definitely a growth spurt!!! Keep going, it won't last long and will help up your supply. Even if you have soft boobs, there will still be milk there. You constantly produce milk, so there will be some when LO needs it.

Keep going and trust yourself! Your doing fab!

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The softness of your boobs is just your supply regulating, nothing to panic about (says the one who did just that! )

Honestly, this is probably the worst part of breastfeeding and when you come out the other side of this growth spurt in a couple of days time everything will seem so much easier, like everything has finally clicked into place

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Totally, totally normal. Your baby is going through a growth spurt probably the 6 week one (which can start before or after six weeks), this means they will feed for hours and hours on end in order to get your supply up, because after six weeks they take a lot more (but after this the amounts stay roughly the same from then on; breastmilk becomes more concentrated as they get older as opposed to much more quantity rise). At your LOs age I could get out a measley 10ml when expressing; but he was gaining 10oz to 12oz every single week then, some women are just not good at expressing and have a great supply and some women can express out large amounts but have supply problems when feeding direct from the boob. Expressing is no indicator of supply whatsoever. It is also completely normal for your boobs to soften around this time as your body has figured out exactly what LO needs based on the feeds in the earlier weeks; in the first few weeks your breastmilk is produced on a purely hormonal basis so often you have an oversupply but its like your body is memorising the feeding patterns at that time as well. Also less dirty and even slightly less wet nappies when they got older is normal; after a few weeks they wee roughly the same amount; but less often; so if you are changing the nappy at a time inbetween them doing wees it can seem they are weeing less; but they really aren't. xx

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