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HELP :( Pulling off, screaming, and arching back while breastfeeding??

My son is 7 weeks old, and breastfeeding was going amazingly...

Lately, as soon as he feeds for a minute or two he pulls of, arches his back and starts screaming I'll calm him down, and try again but it just keeps happening...

I saw him sputtering and coughing, so I thought maybe my milk was coming too fast for him, so I just pumped (4 1/2oz came off one side in only a few minutes! Full boob lol...) and tried again, but he still pulled off and screamed

He seems very very gassy when he pulls off... I burp him, but he keeps doing the same thing... I feel like he's not getting near enough milk because it discourages him from eating more (hence the full boob?)

It's been happening for a few days so it can't be anything I ate. I started giving him gripe water and it seems to be helping with the gas...

HELP please I don't know what to do...

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Old May 27th, 2011, 07:48 AM   2
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to me it sounds like wind but i'm no expert lol


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They do tend to go through these phases at around this time. I agree it could be wind and Infacol might help if you dont use it already (or as you're in Canada, something else containing dimethicone as the active ingredient?).

Does he have a cold/sore throat/congestion that might be making it hard for him to breathe properly and therefore feed effectively? If not, I think it's most likely to be wind. In a few weeks he'll be much more effective at getting his wind up himself and this difficult phase will pass. Expressing could make the problem worse as you'll produce more watery foremilk in the longer term, and too much of this can make wind and gas more problematic. It does get much easier once they learn to burp/fart properly lol

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I feel your pain as my LO is exactly the same at the moment and I'm pretty sure it's wind, I've got her on infacol and it does seem to help a bit. I'm thinking in my case it might have been caused by the antibiotics I was on or thrush.

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It could be silent reflux. You could try feeding him as upright as possible and see if this makes any difference. And have a google for reflux and see if you think it fits the picture of whats going on.

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My oldest daughter was like this and it drove me mad.Our local BFing team could never tell me what was wrong.In the end we figured out it was colic and we had to give colife(sp) in the end coz gripe water she would bring back up and infacol never worked.But its just a matter of time and eventually your LO will grown out of it.You probably have got quite a strong let down which will make LO more gasses plus the fact breast milk is high in sugar so some babies find it harder to break down the sugar which makes them have trouble with gas.

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My daughter used to do exactly the same thing.... She'd suckle, pull off, arch back and go red in the face and make this weird half groan half cry sound

I narrowed it down to either colic or silent reflux.....

Anyway after weeks of infacol and gripe water, I eventually got a prescription of ranitidine from the doctors to help with her acidity.... Well a few days later there was definitely an improvement....

Google silent reflux and see it any of it sounds familiar.

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my son did or should I say still does this my HV and the childrnes doctors have been useless he did have a silent reflux that was hurting him while he fed but now I have no clue why he does it im putting it down to teething at the moment he has his good and bad days with feeding

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my lo was always kinda fussy splattering about and didn't seem happy any time of the day!!! i thought it might of been reflux? but i gave up on the idea, ( was kinda worrying myself through stuff i was reading) even though the doc prescribed it, i just think it was wind!!! not saying your lo maybe more? but for us i think everything just takes time, everything is new i used to give infacol too but not sure if it helped or not? that's the worst thing with babies you never really know what's wrong! but some where along the line all that stopped!!! hopefully its just a phase, and it passes soon!! good luck x

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could be gas but my baby was like this when he got a really sore throat cos it hurt him to swallow, maybe just get doc to check, then u can rule it out, good luck in finding what it is..x

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