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Guidance on tattoos

I had always thought it was a risk if you got a tattoo during breastfeeding. But I read this today from La Leche League and I don't know what to think of it?

I'm certainly in no rush to get a tattoo though.

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I was a tattooist and the information given is correct, you CAN get a tattoo while breastfeedin but how safe it is varies. If for example you know your tattooist well and know they take all the necessary precautions to prevent infection and you look after the tattoo properly you will probably be ok. Most people can't garuntee these thing though or know what to watch out for. I'm going to be getting a tattoo in about a months time but being in the trade I know exactly what questions to ask and what to watch out for xx

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thanks for posting this im wanting my childrens names on my wristbut going to wait a few months xx

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we're going to bournemouth tattoo convention tomorrow... if only i had the money to get something done !

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I got a small tattoo on my wrist of dd's birthdate and have had no issues. That being said, I went to the same place I've gotten many of my tattoos so I know that they do a great job and are sterile, etc. I wouldn't just go anywhere to get one done regularly, let alone while bf.

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kelly brown
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I had my sons name on my foot and he was fine and I am breast feeding x

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