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Milk supply

I am wondering if anyone knows if milk supply goes down if LO never empties the breast.

My LO will feed often, sometimes every 30 minutes, but never fully empties the breast. If she comes off my nipple I put her back as often as she will go on but often she refuses to take anymore then within 30 minutes she`s screaming for more food.

Also if anyone has any advice on how to get my LO to suck harder for longer at the breast, I`d love to hear it. I`m not sure how to encourage her to empty the breast.

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Sorry can't offer any advice but I will bw watching with interest :-) take care x

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What do you consider emptying the breast? And how long does she feed for?

Your breasts are never truly empty. Milk production is constant. So, even after LO has a full feed, you can still express milk. But the flow dramatically decreases. For someone like me, with oversupply issues, I can do a gentle squeeze after a feed and get shooting streams. But my LO's have always gained weight SUPER fast and were very chubby. So, they were getting more than enough without draining me.

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