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Mucus in stool / thrush?

So my baby has been EBF since the day she was born. After about a week or so, i started noticing some mucus in her stool and it's been like that since (she is 4 weeks old now). I had been vegan pretty much my entire pregnancy, yet after she was born, I started eating lots of grilled cheese sandwiches, mac and cheese, pizza,. (lots of dairy) until I noticed a red ring around her anus as well as the mucus. Drs say that it could be a dairy intolerance. I have been completely dairy free for about 3 weeks now, and still no improvement. Along with the mucus + rash, she also is pretty gassy, really fussy somedays, rarely ever smiles any more, needs to always be held when she is awake, and arches her back like her tummy is bothering her. Today i also noticed she has been sleeping much more. The dr says also that she notices a bit of thrush on her tongue. could the thrush be causing her stool to look like this? Has anyone elses baby had thrush and noticed these same symptoms? Also, if it were a dairy allergy, wouldn't things be getting better by now?
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The 'ring' type of nappy rash is more commonly caused by acidic fruits and vegetables, i.e. citrus (the big culprit), tomatoes, peaches etc, it can also cause mucus in the stool. However it could be dairy; or could even be both things; my son was intolerant to soya, dairy (including other animal milk products like goats and buffalo), citrus and certain food additives. You could try cutting out soya and citrus as well just to see if it helps. Thrush can make babies 'out of sorts' and quite uncomfortable and if it gets in their digestive tract can cause a nappy rash though it tends to be very red, scaly and extends further than just the anus-you will often see circle like spots with it in clusters. It could also be silent reflux but I'd deal with the thrush first and see if you still have the same gastro-intestinal symptoms; if you do I would look into the reflux issue...xx

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