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Breastmilk in Fridge then freezer

How long can I keep my expressed bm in the fridge for before I freeze it?

I am only getting a couple of oz per day (if I'm lucky) so I am storing it in the back of the fridge until I get a bottle's worth then I plan on freezing it so it could be in the fridge about 3 - 4 days.

Will this be ok?

Lesley x

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Mum (Mom)
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As far as I know, that's fine. Just try to freeze as soon as you get the amount you want, or maybe freeze after every 2-3 days even if it's in smaller quantities

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if you wanted, you could freeze in smaller quantities.. some people do ice cube trays with 1oz per cube then when they need it for a feed, it defrosts pretty fast and they can get the exact number of ounces they want.

But my LC said its fine to freeze after 3-5 in the fridge. She tends to be on the 'liberal' side of milk usage

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